On-Farm Corn Trials

On-Farm Corn Trials

On-Farm Corn and Soybean Trials – Neonicotinoid Seed Treatment Efficacy Study

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On-Farm Corn Trials
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On-Farm Corn Trials

OSCIA, in cooperation with the University of Guelph (Ridgetown Campus) is looking for farm cooperators across Ontario willing to plant field-scale corn or soybean comparisons of neonicotinoid (e.g. Poncho, Cruiser or Stress Shield) versus non-neonicotinoids.

A combine width treated plot with neonicotinoids and a combine width of (non-neonicotinoid) fungicide only of the same corn hybrid or soybean variety will be required.

Contact your local dealer to obtain a bag of each, one treated with a neonicotinoid product and the other bag non-treated (fungicide only).

The objectives of these plots is to determine key early season pests, develop risk maps, and measure the efficacy of neonicotinoid seed treatments in corn and soybeans in Ontario.

Jocelyn Smith at Ridgetown is the lead for the project. For further questions, Jocelyn can be reached at:

jocelyn.smith@uoguelph.ca (note: email is best contact method)
(519) 674 1500 ext. 63551

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