Farm Health Check-Up


Farmland Health Check-Up

In partnership with Ontario’s Certified Crop Advisors (CCAs) and Professional Agrologists (P.Ag), the Farmland Health Check-Up is an opportunity to assess risks to on-farm soil health and water quality.


The online version of the Farmland Health Check-Up is now available at


The Farmland Health Check-Up provides farmers in the LEADS Eligible Area with a unique opportunity to work with a CCA or P.Ag free of charge.

Assess your farm for:

Water Erosion
Wind Erosion
Tillage Erosion
Subsurface Compaction
Organic Matter
Soil Life
Soil Chemistry
Pollinator Health


FHCU Workbook

Farmland Heatlt Checkup Workbook
This FHCU workbook is for demonstration and/or for use in the event of poor internet connections.
FHCU workbooks must be completed and submitted at


LEADS Eligible Area

Map of Leads Target Area

Click here for an interactive map.


Are you a CCA or P.Ag interested in delivering the Farmland Health Check-Up?

Details available here.

CCAs and P.Ags Eligible to Complete the Farmland Health Check-Up

Completing the Check-Up with a participating CCA or Professional Agrologist (P.Ag) is a prerequisite for LEADS

For a list of participating CCAs/P.Ags who deliver the Check-Up, click here.