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This is where you will find local/regional resources, such as the Secretary Handbook, Blank order forms, membership forms, etc.
Please contact the provincial office if you have any questions regarding any of the information provided here.

Handbook for Local and Regional Associations - coverpage


Harold Rudy with his book "The Soil Fixers"


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Recognition Certificate / Conservation Award

Available to local/regional associations who wish to award a worthy member/producer at their local/regional Annual meetings.

   Award of Merit:

Example of Award of Merit certificate A certificate provided by the provincial office in a black leatherette frame – free of charge. It can be used at the local, regional and provincial level. The certificate is personalized with the individuals name, as well as the local/regional association which is awarding the certificate. It is generally signed by the Provincial Director at the, but can be adjusted to be signed by the local/regional President.
This award is to acknowledge the recipient for his/her contribution to the association and the advancement of crop production.
The criteria for selecting a recipient is left up to the local/regional association(s) – and is typically awarded at the local/regional Annual Meetings.

Soil and Water Conservation Award:

Soil and Water Conservation Farm Award gate sign This award was recently updated and is now presented as a farm gate sign and is available at cost for $15/sign to local/regional associations.
The award is to be used to acknowledge a producer who shows commitment to good soil management on their farm. Typical practices include controlling soil erosion, maintaining crop productivity, and protecting water resources. Recipients are selected at the local/regional level and signs are purchased from the Provincial office – and then distributed/presented at the local/regional Annual meeting(s).

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