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If you are involved in agriculture and are interested in learning about agricultural management practices, we invite you to join your local Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

OSCIA continues to be a leader in producer education, development, program delivery, and consumer outreach, providing these on an at-cost basis. Our diverse membership has a significant presence in all agricultural areas of the province and across all major sectors. Here are 9 sound reasons to be a member.

Benefits of Membership

Benefits to members are many, not the least of which is to have the opportunity to contribute as a leader at the local, regional or provincial level.

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– Access to current information on crop production research through our OSCIA Research website

– The Innovator, our quarterly e-newsletters that highlights local project results, new technology and timely production issues; as well as information on upcoming crop tours, summer and winter demonstrations and applied research trials, and much much more.

– Access to our weekly e-blast Grassroots Matters for up-to-date information

– Learning and networking with other progressive farmers in your area at meetings, farm demonstrations and research trials, bus tours, twilight tours, demonstration days, workshops, and annual meetings.

– Various membership discounts often available to OSCIA members, such as our on-going partnership with various labs for Soil Testing discounts (please ask your local secretary or RCC for more information).

– Share and test new ideas, answer questions, increase confidence in project results and access supporting funds. Opportunity to be a part of local and regional projects, farm project demonstrations, and the Ontario Forage Masters self assessment to name a few.

– You have a voice on research and standing committees where you can influence and direct agriculture policy and research on 10 Ontario research committees addressing crop, soil and pest management issues.

Join a local SCIA to access your membership benefits:


Click image below for pdf of Membership benefits document:

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How to Join OSCIA:

Contact your county/district secretary or your Regional Communication Coordinator (RCC) to find out more about membership and how to join.


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Or, sign up online!Join OSCIA Today


If sending in a membership cheque, please send it to your local secretary (contact link above) and not the Provincial office as we cannot process the cheque and will simply mail it back to you. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. 

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