Accelerate Your Soil Health Game

Accelerate Your Soil Health Game

The Accelerate your Soil Health Pilot Project is now fully subscribed and no longer accepting applications.


60% Funding, up to $2,500 per project

Game Overview

Get funding to improve soil productivity through cover crops or soil sampling.  Access free local advice and guidance from a participating Certified Crop Advisor or a Professional Agrologist.  Submit a short application  to to have your project pre-approved and Accelerate your Soil Health Game!

Through this pilot project, we want you to increase your knowledge of the relevant soil productivity practices. As local knowledge is vital to the successful implementation of agronomic management decisions, your Expert Coach will support you through this process. 

The insights gathered through this pilot project will inform future program design, implementation, and communication across the province.

Pre-Game: Are you eligible to play?

Must be located in one of

  • Lambton County
  • Simcoe County
  • Renfrew County

Must have the following*

  • Farm Business Registration Number (FBRN)

*To register for an FBRN, visit Agricorp at

1: Select your Stream(s)

Limit of 1 project per stream per FBRN

Cover Crops


Plant an over-wintering cover crop on this field for the first time (winter wheat and alfalfa are not eligible).

Up your Game

Plant a new type of cover crop on this field including:

  • First time for grazing.
  • First time with a diverse mix (or a more diverse mix than normal).
  • First time interseeding into corn or soybeans.
  • First time growing a winter cereal including rye, triticale, barley or canola (winter wheat and alfalfa not eligible).

Soil Testing


First time since 2016

  • Soil sampling by any method. (e.g. bulk, grid, zone, or other smart technologies).
  • Minimum analysis is the basic analysis package from an OMAFRA accredited lab.
Up your Game

For fields sampled between 2017 and 2021

  • Soil sampling using grid, zone or other smart technologies to create management zones or enhanced mapping.
  • Analysis must include the basic analysis package as well as parameters that will enhance management options, from an OMAFRA accredited lab.
  • The technology or analysis must exceed previous sampling completed.

2: Select your Expert Coach

You may choose a local Expert Coach from a list of participating Certified Crop Advisors and Professional Agrologists here, allow OSCIA to match you with an Expert Coach or you can invite your preferred Expert Coach to register by visiting or sending an email to

You will be notified of your acceptance into the pilot project by email within two weeks of OSCIA receiving a completed application.  Your Expert Coach will also be sent confirmation of your pre-approval.

Your Expert Coach will be in touch to discuss next steps. Guaranteed minimum of 2 consulting sessions are included, at no charge to you.

Game Resources

After your project is pre-approved, meet with your local Expert Coach to prepare your plan.

In the first meeting your Coach will help you develop goals based on your farm and help you design your cover cropping or soil testing plan.

When plans are finalized, your Expert Coach will submit the plans to OSCIA to review eligibility. This must occur by October 15th, 2021. OSCIA will provide a response within two weeks. If your project is approved, it will be allocated 60% of the proposed eligible costs, to a maximum of $2,500 per approved project.

When your project is complete, you will meet with your Expert Coach again to discuss challenges and next steps for soil productivity. This meeting must occur before December 10, 2021.

Your Expert Coach will help you prepare a claim package (including a short claim form, all invoices and all proofs of payment*).  Your Expert Coach will report on the project successes to OSCIA for you.

*Eligible proof of payment must show who paid, who was paid, and the date that payment was issued.  Cheque or credit card is advised, cash is not a recommended option. Invoices must be addressed to and paid for by the farm business approved for funding.

Game Rules

Cover crops cannot be fall terminated either through tillage or fall herbicide application (must be living at first frost and left in the field until spring) unless recommended differently by your Expert Coach and recorded in the submitted plan. Only invoiced seed costs and planting costs (in-kind or custom) are eligible. Fertility costs and costs for seed produced by the applicant are not eligible for funding.

Soil Sampling and analysis costs are eligible. Soil sampling costs can be claimed as in-kind and/or as an invoiced cost. Your Expert Coach will be required to attest that the appropriate sampling and analysis protocols were followed before payment will be issued.

Eligible costs seed for cover crops including winter rye, triticale, barley and canola. Cover crop planting costs, soil sampling costs, mapping and soil analysis costs are eligible. Soil analysis must be done by an OMAFRA accredited lab. In-kind contributions for cover crop planting and soil sampling are eligible. Any costs not stated as eligible costs are ineligible costs.

Ineligible costs include seed costs for winter wheat or alfalfa, even if included in a mix. Seeds produced by the applicant are not eligible for funding (eligible claims must include invoiced seed costs purchased at arm’s length from the applicant). Costs for seed bed preparation or fertility costs are not eligible.

Invoices and proof of payment must be dated between May 20, 2021, and December 17, 2021. All claims must be submitted to OSCIA by December 17, 2021.

All project business transactions must be completed at Arm’s Length from the approved applicant.  Refer to section 251 of the Income Tax Act (Canada) or call 1-800-265-9751 for more information.

Any cost, including a tax, that is eligible for a rebate, credit or refund (e.g. a refundable portion of the Harmonized Sales Tax) is not eligible for funding.

Projects receiving funds through Leads or CAP cannot combine these funds with grants received through the Accelerate your Soil Health pilot project.
Grants may be combined with external funding sources if the program allows for stacking. The grants cannot exceed 100% of total expenses.