Accelerate Your Soil Health – Become an Expert Coach

Become An Expert Coach

Do you have a passion for cover cropping or soil testing?

Are you interested in being an Expert Coach?

Research has indicated that lack of access to local expertise is one reason more farmers do not regularly soil test or plant cover crops.  The Accelerate Your Soil Health Game pilot project pairs producers with Expert Coaches, that are Certified Crop Advisors and Professional Agrologists to help them plan and implement these soil productivity practices.

If you are a Certified Crop Consultant or a Professional Agrologist serving farmers in Lambton, Renfrew, and/or Simcoe and you have a passion for soil testing and/or cover cropping please consider registering as an Expert Coach.

Coaches who participate in the cover cropping stream, will help producers develop cover cropping programs to meet the unique needs of each producer’s operation.  Coaches in the soil testing stream, will help participants learn how to interpret their soil test reports and develop field-specific fertility programs.  The coach will be required to meet with each participant twice for approximately 1 hour each time.  The coach will be required to collect and submit information after each meeting.  Coaching sessions must be completed by December 17, 2021.

Coaches must also participate in a project evaluation interview at the end of the project.  Coaches will receive $350 for each applicant they coach.

To be eligible to participate you must:

  • Deliver CCA or P.Ag services to one of these counties:
    • Lambton
    • Simcoe
    • Renfrew
  • Complete the registration survey
  • Participate in a live online workshop (registration information will be sent to you upon receipt of your registration survey)


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